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EPA Chief Gina McCarthy Wants The World to Stop Using Air Conditioners

EPA Chief Gina McCarthy wants the world to stop using hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), which means all currently designed Air Conditioners and other consumers products as part of President Barack Obama’s plan to fight global warming.

…Only Global Warming is now Global Cooling. Oh my.


Climate change shock: Burning fossil fuels ‘COOLS planet’, says NASA


NASA? Another branch of the US Government which should know better than the White House? The confusion is rampant. But the facts are that the planet’s temperature rises and falls all by itself without any input from man’s activities on the planet, and the world’s temperature and climate has ALWAYS changed since the dawn of creation . It always has, and it always will. Now, all of a sudden (relatively speaking), EPA Chief Gina McCarthy thinks air conditioning is at fault and wants the world to stop using hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) in air conditioners, and of course that means the USA, including Florida, as it’s on the top of the list for one of the hottest states in the USA, if not sometimes THE hottest and most humid of the states in America.

What’s most important here isn’t that the earth is heating or cooling. Any way you look at it it is. It’s always doing that. Temperatures rise and fall constantly: Sea levels, ozone levels, oxygen levels, anyone with an understanding of science understands that. Everything in nature is in flux. Nothing is in perfect equilibrium and nothing remains so indefinitely.

The true problem is pollution, not climate change. The true problem is and has always been plastic bags, six pack beer can holders, and all sorts of other garbage and packaging, chemical waste dumped into our air and our oceans, streams, rivers, and onto our land seeping into our wells. Air conditioning isn’t the problem nor is it the cause, and it never has been.

The air conditioning industry is under attack because it’s an easy target.

The air conditioning industry is under attack because it’s unable to defend itself from a major federal government targeted attacks. The air conditioning industry hasn’t got billions of dollars in lobbyists with politicians in its pockets. Instead the air conditioning industry is a sitting duck, waiting to be plucked, with no way of defending itself. US citizens everywhere are scheduled to be forced to cough up money to upgrade and replace hundreds of millions of central and room air conditioning systems, not to mention what kind of modifications or replacement units will be required for cars, as an excuse to influence a claimed half of a percentage point of global heating change when NASA itself says that global cooling is occurring. So where the science is in disagreement with itself, somehow Gina McCarthy knows air conditioning is a half of a percentage point of global heating.

Gina is Wrong - Global Cooling is occurring ... and it's a natural event.

Gina is Wrong – Global Cooling is occurring … and it’s a natural event.

Whether cooling or warming, Florida is one of the hottest places in America, and one of the most humid.

Back to New Heating & Cooling provides heating & cooling solutions but more importantly it provides true air conditioning. Air Conditioning means making your air breathable, purified, and even introducing humidistats into your home to keep your air properly and comfortably humidified within a proper range to prevent mold growth. With the IQAir Perfect 16 whole home air purification system’s hepa filtration system and the IQAir Health Pro Plus hyper hepa filtration the most minute micron sized and damaging particulate matter can be removed from your home’s air and make it cleaner than hospital quality air. One more thing before finising this article – it is possible to have a home that’s too tightly sealed with a barrier that’s “too efficient”.

Laminates and other things like the carpets in your home give off VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) such as formaldehyde which build up indoors. That said, it is possible to filter out VOCs and Mercaptan (the chemical added to natural gas that alerts you of a leak) with a high-performance air filtration system with a combination of high quality activated carbon and potassium permanganate – such as the IQAir HealthPro Plus or IQAir GC Series MultiGas room air purifier.

The activated carbon provides adsorption of VOCs, and the potassium permanganate provides excellent chemisorption of mercaptan and many other VOCs, such as formaldehyde. The combination of these two filtration media is ideal in your home, but there are some things that can’t be filtered out – and one of those is methane itself. Now while the chance of a natural gas leak within your home is slim, the chances are that you haven’t got both the IQAir HealthPro Plus or IQAir GC Series MultiGas room air purifier and Perfect 16 all installed in your home. You may have only one or possibly a combination of the Perfect 16 and a Health Pro Plus, as we recommend to most homeowners.

Importance of monitoring methane levels

So what to do about the possibility of very gradual buildups over time of methane or carbon monoxide?

Because methane is so highly explosive, high-performance air filtration to remove the odors associated with natural gas (mercaptan) is not recommended unless sufficient monitoring with a methane detector has determined that levels are safe. Methane detectors, also known as explosive gas detectors, can be purchased at hardware and home-supply stores. Additionally, every home should have a Carbon Monoxide detector installed.

Additionally, in houses that are too tight and too efficient and have no air leaks anywhere we can install air exchangers to very gradually, on a carefully controlled and scheduled basis, exchanges minute quantities of indoor air with the same quantity of fully filtered outdoor air. This schedule may be set to work only when it’s coolest outside in summer at night, or during the day when it’s warm outside in winter, so your air is exchanged only a little bit at a time, but not enough that your electric bill will be noticeably affected because the air exchanged is of approximately the same temperature.

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