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Insulating for Winter – A How to on Better Insulation Around Tampa Bay

Back to New Heating and Cooling in Citrus County can perform an energy audit on your whole home to pinpoint areas where heat is leaking out (and in summer where heat is leaking in).

Moisture-resistant insulationPart of efficient Heating and Cooling (as well as maintaining indoor air purity) is keeping a home both insulated and leak free. If you don’t want to call Back to New Heating & Cooling you can also perform an energy audit yourself using an infrared gun or spot thermometer which will show you where to patch up sections of your home or business with insulation yourself.

Most older homes which are still leaking heat the most severely (or allow heat to leak in during summer) have single pane glass installed. Double-paned glass works best, and in days when double-paned glass didn’t exist a home made DIY trick consisted of attaching clear plastic sheeting over the outside of windows during winter. A company called Frost King sells a 9 window shrink film Window Insulation Kit that does the same thing, and that works with your blow dryer to install it on each window.

Removable Storm Windows were also quite common in the old days, which were essentially just custom cut sized insert-able window frames that fit over existing windows. Today there isn’t only double pane glass but triple pane as well, and also double pane glass windows with argon between the glass. The panes themselves aren’t the only area where heat leaks out during winter, but the trim area as well. Good caulking (in older window frames) and good insulation around the window frames is important as well. Most modern windows have either aluminum or steel trim framing. Unfortunately these metals conduct heat directly through them and radiate it out into the cold in winter… and radiate heat from outdoors directly through to the interior of your home or business during summer.

Another old trick which goes way back is to simply place a rolled up towel at the base of any door where there’s a draft. Some people make special decorative barriers out of cloth on their sewing machines for just this purpose. While such an idea may not be appealing to you for the long run, when it’s cold and all you want to do is keep warmer and keep your energy bill down, it will work.
Use solar heating.
No, by solar we don’t mean solar panels on your roof, but old school standard smart use of the sun’s heat during the day to warm the interior of the home by opening up your drapes and blinds during the bright warmer hours of the day and letting the sun heat up the interior. After the sun leaves, close up those drapes or blinds help ever so slightly to add a layer of insulation. While not very effective at insulating, that’s better than nothing, but the main thing is to allow the sun in during the day.

Of course caulking and weatherstripping are also important, relatively easy even for the do it yourselfer, and inexpensive, but there’s one other area of concern, and this one Back to New Heating & Cooling can definitely help you out with while we’re there performing an energy audit on your home or business – and that’s testing your duct system for leaks and fixing them. Not only will this save you money but you’ll be better protected from whatever dust, pollutants and mold might be leaking in from out of doors.

So give us a call at Back to New Heating & Cooling before you start your insulation project so you’ll know just where the problem areas are, and so we can take care of your leaky duct work and get that properly checked and sealed up just right too.

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