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IQAir Household Particle Scan Results

IQAir Particulate Scan Shows 18 Times Cleaner Indoor Air

View the Feerick particle scan before installation on 04/27/15 and the average reading was 689,000 particulates in home. We did another particulate scan today and the average reading was 38,180. They now have 18X Cleaner Indoor Air in only 12 days of the install! Unbelievable!

The 2225 P16 Delivers 68 Times Cleaner Indoor Air in Finnerty Home

in the Finnerty home on 04/07/15. Joe Martin did a particle count on 02/25/15, avg particle count in the home was 958,333. I did a laser part scan on 04/11/15, avg part scan in the home was 14,166. In only 4 days since the install of the 2225 P16, it is delivering 68 Times Cleaner Indoor Air.

The Kooi Home: Let’s go inside and get some fresh air!

On Feb 4th 2015 Mr. Gary Kooi of Hernando County Fl had an IQAir Perfect 16 2530 Series whole home air purification system installed in his home by Back to New Heating & Cooling. For the Kooi’s, the outdoor air particle average is 1,600,000, and the home indoor air particle average is 254,000. This means that the air indoors contains just 16% of the number of particles as the air outdoors, and, as stated, it is already at least ten times cleaner than the air previously inside the Kooi home prior to the installation of the Perfect 16.

IQAir is Now Providing The Vess Family 137 x Cleaner Indoor Air in Just 5 Days!

Five days to 137 times cleaner indoor air with the IQAir Perfect 16.

The Chmielewski Particle Scan IQAir Indoor Air Quality Test Proves Air 41 Times Cleaner Than Outdoor Air

By IQAir’s own standards, indoor air after the installation of a Perfect 16 system should be 25% or lower of the outdoor air reading. What the Chmielewski’s got was a reading of just 2%!