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IQAir Perfect16 – 10 times Cleaner Air Guaranteed


IQAir Perfect 16 - Ten Times Cleaner Air Guaranteed!

Back to New is your Exclusive Contractor for the Central Florida area for IQAir.

“The Back to New team are the IQAir leaders in Central Florida. Their commitment to safe, clean indoor air is inspiring, and their customers appreciate it.” ~ Ryan Albretsen Senior Territory Manager for IQAir North America, Inc.

Commercial and residential air conditioning in Central, FL offering installation, repair and maintenance services. 24 Hour Emergency Services.

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M.E.R.V. = Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values:


“When Extreme Home Makeover needs hospital quality air they call for IQAir. When IQAir needs a qualified contractor in Central Florida they call us!

We Provide Service For All Makes and Models
And 100% Financing Is Available (With Approved Credit)

IQAir 2225 series fits on a 2 & 3 Ton Unit
IQair 2530 series fits on a 3.5 Ton up to a 5 Ton  Unit

Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values MERV Ratings Chart

MERV Value The filter will trap
Average Particle
Size Effiency
0.3 – 1.0 Microns
The filter will trap
Average Particle
Size Effiency
1.0 – 3.0 Microns
The filter will trap
Average Particle
Size Effiency
3 – 10 Microns
Types of things
these filters
will trap
MERV 1  –  – Less than 20% Pollen, Dust mites,
Standing Dust,
Spray Paint Dust,
Carpet Fibers
MERV 2  –  – Less than 20%
MERV 3  –  – Less than 20%
MERV 4  –  – Less than 20%
MERV 5  –  –  20% – 34% Mold Spores,
Hair Spray,
Fabric Protector,
Cement dust
MERV 6  –  –  35% – 49%
MERV 7  –  –  50% – 69%
MERV 8  –  –  70% – 85%
MERV 9  –  Less than 50% 85% or better Humidifier Dust,
Lead Dust,
Auto Emissions,
Milled Flour
MERV 10  –  50% – 64% 85% or better
MERV 11 65% – 79% 85% or better
MERV 12 80% – 89% 90% or better
MERV 13 Less than 75% 90% or better 90% or better Bacteria,
Most Tobacco
Proplet Nuceli (sneeze)

IQAir Perfect 16 Solution Pricing details

$2,995.00 – Installed price for a 3-ton HVAC system, Part# 2225

$3,415.00 – Installed price for a 5-ton HVAC system, Part# 2530

IQAir Filter Replacement For 3 Ton HVAC System- $456.00  Consists of Set of 4 Filters 

(Note: Filters May Last Up To 3 Years Depending On Usage)

IQAir Filter Replacement For 5 Ton HVAC System- $527.00  Consists of Set of 4 Filters

 (Note: Filters May Last Up To 3 years Depending On Usage)

IQAir’s Installation Team can determine which Perfect 16® model(s) you’ll need.

IQAir Perfect 16 Pricing includes:

  • Perfect 16® system
  • Pre-Installation Evaluation
  • Actual Installation
  • Post-Installation Testing and Certification

Installation Process

IQAir’s Installation Team manages your Perfect 16® installation process from start to finish.

  1. Pre-Installation Evaluation: IQAir arranges the pre-installation home evaluation with the homeowner and an IQAir Authorized Installer.The IQAir Authorized Installer inspects your home’s HVAC system for compatibility, tonnage (this will determine which Perfect 16 model(s) you’ll need). Larger homes (over 2,500 square feet) usually have more than one HVAC system.
  2. Actual Installation: ​Upon completed evaluation, the Perfect 16 is delivered directly to the IQAir Authorized Installer. The IQAir Authorized Installer confirms the Perfect 16 arrival and preps the device for installation.The installation appointment is arranged by IQAir. The installation date is then re-confirmed by IQAir. The IQAir Authorized Installer installs the Perfect 16(s) in your home HVAC system(s). Actual installation time will vary with each residence.
  1. Post-Installation Testing and Verification After the Perfect 16 is installed, the IQAir Authorized Installer will test and verify the installation with an advanced laser particle counter. The system performance will be detailed in a personalized “10x Cleaner Air Certificate”.

Below: A video chat with the Reinholtz in The Villages, Florida after the installation of their two Perfect 16 units:

You can also click here for a post on this site to watch the same video and read the entire conversation that Back to New Heating & Cooling Marketing Director Sales had with the Mr & Mrs Reinholz, as well as read a few more satisfied customer reviews from The Villages – Back to New, The Best Heating & Air Conditioning Company in The Villages, Florida