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Layaway Program for the IQAir Perfect 16 - Click here to download agreement in PDF Format.

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Back To New Heating & Cooling offers a one of kind Layaway Program. We are pleased to announce our Layaway Program which offers you the consumer an easy way to pay for an IQAir P16 Whole House Air Purification System. With the current economic state, layaway plans and other re-payment programs are a must. This is especially true with big ticket items like an IQAir P16 Whole House Air Purification System which can cost anywhere from $2,995.00- $3,295.00

Many consumers are on a tight budget these days  and that is why Back To New Heating & Cooling created our Layaway Program. Clients can call or email for a custom payment plan that doesn’t break your bank. You can lock-in today’s pricing with a  low-deposit, and pay it off when you’re ready, there’s no rush & NO INTEREST!!!  This offer applies to our client base in the following counties: Lake, Marion, Sumter, Citrus  Hernando, Pasco, Pinellas County.

To learn more about our layaway program give us a call at 866-963-9247.

Lock In Today’s Low Prices With These Easy Steps:

  1. After you’ve chosen the IQAir P16 of your choice with our EPA Certified Technician.
  2. A simple $300.00 minimum deposit will be due when the layaway program is started. This amount can be paid with Credit/Debit Card.
  3. Make payments whenever you would like for however much you would like, remember NO INTEREST ACCRUES!!
  4. After you make your last payment on your IQair P16, we will have our install team come to your home & install your Whole House Air Purification System.


  • Admin Fees

A small $30.00 fee for every 90 Days. This will continue until product(s) have been paid in full.

  • Terms & Conditions: A layaway cancelled within the first 3 business days will be issued a full refund minus the admin fee and 10% of deposit amount. A layaway cancelled after 4 business days is subject to a cancellation fee equaling the initial deposit amount.
  • Down Payment

Is simple $300.00 flat rate no matter the price of your P16.

  • Easy Payments/ No Interest!!


 Back To New Heating & Cooling Layaway Agreement  

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