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Back to New Heating & Cooling - Your Air Quality Company!

Deals are good. Deals from Back to New Heating & Cooling, your Air Quality business are particularly good. Here’s the latest deal from Groupon you may have time to take advantage of right now. As of now 4/5/2016 the following offer is still valid: $49.95 for an Air-Conditioner Tune-Up plus Demonstration from Back to New Heating & Cooling ($139.95 Value)



Laser Particle Scan to determine the quality of the air you breathe in your home.

Only Back to New Does This!

17 Point Inspection Included!

  • Authorized IQAir Dealer
  • Check for rust and corrosion
  • Inspect the low voltage wiring
  • Check for a surge protector
  • Check the heat strips for proper operation
  • Check your airflow and proper distribution
  • Check drain line to ensure proper drainage
  • Install algaecide tables (to kill and clear bacteria that forms in your system and keeps it from returning for 6 months)
  • Check your amperage draws to make sure your unit’s not pulling too much electricity (this will save you money on your electric bill)
  • Check your condenser and evaporator coil (for dirt and debris)
  • Check your thermostat (make sure it’s in balance)
  • Check your duct work at the supply and return (for holes, tears, and deterioration)
  • Check your refrigerant level and add up to 1 pound of Freon if needed (a $100 value)
  • Check all your electrical connections to make sure there are no loose or bare wires that may cause damage
  • Digital air quality test, with a full written report on condition of AC unitNo other company can offer this service to you in Central and Western Florida*

* Back to New Heating & Cooling’s Digital air quality testing uses the IQAir ParticleScan Pro hand held $3,000+ Digital Air Quality Test Meter Computer, also known as a Laser Particle Counter. The IQAir ParticleScan Pro is a professional, advanced, handheld laser particle counter designed for use by indoor air quality specialists to diagnose air-quality problems and to verify solutions. The ParticleScan Pro is easy to use, reliable, exceptionally accurate and includes features such as multi-mode counting that make it superior to conventional particle counters. The ParticleScan Pro’s 0.025 cfm flow rate is deliberately slower than conventional particle counters and drastically reduces coincidence loss at higher particle concentrations. The result is a much more accurate particle count, especially in polluted urban environments where particle counts exceed 2 million particles per cubic foot. The ParticleScan Pro features a substantially slower airflow rate than conventional particle scanners, allowing greater accuracy in typical indoor and outdoor environments. 

Each of our technicians are supplied with an IQAir ParticleScan Pro so you know exactly what the quality of your indoor air is because  you’ll see the readings with your very own eyes. Back to New Heating & Cooling is an excellent air heating & cooling company in and of itself, but it strives to go above and beyond into the true meaning of “Air Conditioning” itself and give you the best means and opportunity for as truly pure, pollution and allergen free indoor air as possible, even exceeding the purity of outdoor air by at least four to one. Call Monday to Friday at Back to New Heating & Cooling for details about getting an indoor air quality checkup for your home. Office Hours: Mon 08.30 AM – 04.30 PM, Tue 08.30 AM – 04.30 PM, Wed 08.30 AM – 04.30 PM, Thu 08.30 AM – 04.30 PM, Fri 08.30 AM – 04.00 PM, Sat Closed, Sun Closed. Call   

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