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AMAZING! The 2225 P16 Delivers 68 Times Cleaner Indoor Air in Finnerty Home!

Assembly of IQAir® CleanZone® systems

Tampa Bay Area Indoor Air Quality News From Back to New Heating & Cooling:

We installed an IQAir 2225 series system in the Finnerty home on 04/07/15. Joe Martin did a particle count on 02/25/15, avg particle count in the home was 958,333. I did a laser part scan on 04/11/15, avg part scan in the home was 14,166. In only 4 days since the install of  the 2225 P16, it is delivering 68 Times Cleaner Indoor Air. Unbelievable!! Read the finnerty-laser-scan-count report for yourself.

See our Perfect 16 product specifications page for how this is possible.

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