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Pet Anemia – Contaminated Indoor Air and a Dying Dog

There’s a type of autoimmune disease known as immune mediated hemolytic anemia (IMHA) from which both humans and pets suffer.

Sawyer, the Lucy Rescue Dog & Tennis Coach Amelia Larkin

Sawyer, the Lucy Rescue Dog & Tennis Coach Amelia Larkin

At about the same time her father died, a tennis teacher named Amelia Larkin picked up a dog at an animal shelter. She named it Sawyer. By the time it was two years old Sawyer was diagnosed with an acute autoimmune disease.

Given just a twenty percent chance of survival, immune mediated hemolytic anemia (IMHA) causes the body’s immune system to destroy its own red blood cells so oxygen can’t reach the brain, lungs, liver or other part of the body.

“Sawyer’s IMHA was so severe that he needed seven blood transfusions, I went thousands of dollars into debt to save his life. But after adopting him from a shelter, he had helped me deal with the passing of my dad. So there was no way I was going to give up on the little guy.” said Ms Larkin.

It turned out that Sawyer’s allergies to things like mold spores were triggering some of the IMHA symtoms. The veterinarians believed that controlling Sawyers exposure to these triggers, might be the key to his survival.

Fortunately, the mother of one of Amelia’s tennis students came to the rescue while Sawyer was in remission.

“She was concerned when I told her Sawyer wasn’t doing well, and surprised me with the IQAir HealthPro® Plus as a gift after one of her daughter’s lessons…. Sawyer’s symptoms began clearing up within two or three weeks. I haven’t turned the HealthPro Plus off since. It’s helped to prevent a recurrence of Sawyer’s IMHA by eliminating mold spores and other airborne allergens. And he loves the soothing sound the system makes — it actually lulls him to sleep!”

Scrubbing particulates out of the air as small as .003 microns, Amelia has noticed her own breathing problems have also improved since she brought home the HealthPro Plus.

“Sawyer and I are so lucky to have the HealthPro Plus in our home,” says Amelia. “It saved his life and has helped keep me healthy as an active tennis coach.”

Four years later, against the odds predicted by veterinarians, Sawyer has just celebrated his 6th birthday.  Once again it’s been the IQAir Health Pro Plus portable unit to the rescue!

For whole home air purification the IQAir Perfect 16 makes your whole home’s indoor air hospital quality clean down to .03 microns. Combined with the Health Pro Plus your indoor air is cleaner than hospital quality.

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