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Listen to What the Reinholz’ In The Villages Florida Have to Say…

… About Back to New Heating & Cooling & The IQAir P16.

The Best Air Conditioning Company Servicing The Villages, Florida!


Ryan Albretsen Senior Territory Manager for IQAir North America, Inc. says about Back to New: “The Back to New team are the IQAir leaders in Central Florida. Their commitment to safe, clean indoor air is inspiring, and their customers appreciate it.”



Sales: I’d like to thank Mr and Mrs Reinholz for the opportunity to come into their home to discuss their indoor air quality. We were able to greatly reduce the ultra-fine particles that were bothering Mrs Reinholtz. She has emphysema, and we were basically able to give her at least ten times cleaner air in her home. The bottom line is that Back to New Heating & Cooling is the only re-seller of the IQAir Perfect 16 Whole House Indoor Air purification systems in Central Florida, the Tampa Bay area, and Sarasota County. So if you want to breathe easier, live longer, and get rid of those ultra-fine particles which consist of: chemicals in your home’s air, candles, the glue from rugs, dead skin, radon produced from tiles, formaldehyde from your cupboards… we are able to get down to .03 microns. A hair follicle is 70 microns. We can scrub down to .03 microns which is 230 times smaller than a hair follicle. So if you want to live longer, breathe easier, the IQ Air Perfect 16 is the highest MERV rating (MERV means Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value which was developed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioner Engineers) available in the world, and we have it. So please give me a call if you want to discuss your indoor air quality needs. My name is Sales, I’m the Sales and Marketing director of Back to New Heating & Cooling, and my number is: 866 963-9247 or visit us on our website at http://www.newair.biz. Thank you, and I look forward to speaking with you.



“Back to New Heating & Cooling came out for a routine maintenance appointment. I was with the service rep while he opened and exposed the interior of my AC/furnace. He identified black mold that was obviously growing and had infested my coils and was growing up the duct work. This was probably due to the lack of regular maintenance by the prior owner of the house. He had to power wash the coils four times before the water ran clear, and he cleaned and disinfected the duct work. He installed a much needed ultraviolet light to combat further growth of mold. I also purchased a high efficiency filtration system which I had been contemplating buying for some time due to allergies and sensitivity to dust and mold spores. This was installed the next day. All my duct work was cleaned and disinfected at no extra cost. I couldn’t have been more satisfied with both servicemen and their responsiveness to my questions, sensitivity to my needs, and their overall professionalism.

With the work I had done, do spend time with the service personnel and watch what they’re doing. Have them explain what is going on with your system, and how it can be best maintained to prolong the life of your equipment. When making a purchase like I did, do your homework and know what you’re looking for, what your problems are, and what will best meet your needs. Do consider a maintenance contract, especially in this humid climate which lends itself to causing problems with mold growth. This company met my needs at a fair price. They were responsive, informed, and able to answer all my questions to my satisfaction. I highly recommend them.”

~ Kai Bornhoft

Sales: Hello, I am Sales and I am the Sales and Marketing Director for Back to New Heating & Cooling. I am at the gracious home of Rolly and Lois Reinholz. Roland is a retired investment manager and they have been in this home in The Villages for over six years. Over the last six years, Lois to my right has been suffering from emphysema and allergies to the point where you have spent a considerable amount of money trying to rid this house of indoor air particles.

Roland “Rollo” Reinholtz: Yes

Gerry: OK. Roland found us searching through The Villages Daily Phone Book, and we have IQAir. IQAir is a whole house indoor air purification system. We also have its little sister, the IQAir Health Pro Plus. Lois, when I first came in, spoke to me about dust bunnies. Can you illuminate us a little bit?

Louis: I used to dust under my furniture, particularly in my bedroom and I would have big dust bunnies all over my long duster, and I came home after two weeks on a cruise and very, very little dust.

Gerry: That’s the beauty of the IQAir Whole House Air Purification System. What you see in front of you is a laser particle scanner that can scan down to .3 microns. A hair follicle, which I lack, but Roland’s got them, is seventy microns, so it can read down to 230 times smaller. Now we can’t tell you what’s in the air, but, according to the IQAir indoor air should have 75 percent less particles than the outdoor air count. For example if your air count outdoors the million, that means your indoor air quality (particle count) should be 250,000 or less.

I just did a particle scan of 13 rooms in the Reinholtz’ house, and the total amount of particulates in the air (of all the rooms added up) was 1,361,000, and we divide that by 13 and it works out to about 104,692 particles (average throughout the house).

We did three averages outdoors: the front door, the garage, and the grass area in back and it came out to about 940,333. So if you do the math according to IQAir that’s 11% of the outdoor air, and that’s magnificent. Anything under 25% is magnificent.

Gerry (to Mr Reinholz): Have you felt any difference? We did install the unit on March 26th 2015, so it’s been a month and a half since they installed it.

Perhaps the Best Conditioned Air in The Villages, Florida belongs to the Reinholtz'Mr. Reinholtz: It’s noticeably different. Prior to IQAir we had installed the best filtering system we could find, in our other units, and it didn’t seem to work. So for years we were searching. We found IQAir, and within the first two weeks (after installation) we totally saw a noticeable difference and now we see how it’s measured a difference.

Sales: Exactly. Very, very, valid point. Now the major focus of the P16 which is that there are two sides to this house and two HVAC systems. IQAir runs off of the forced air from the HVAC system. There is one five ton unit from one of the air handlers, and one three ton unit in the other. So we have not only two Perfect 16’s circulating in the home, the Reinholtz’ have also bought another Health Pro Plus so Lois can roll it around like a little dog (Louis and Rollo laugh), to certain areas, and keep the other Health Pro Plus in the bedroom because the bedroom is 1,200 sq foot, which is huge. So those Health Pro Plus’s can scrub to about 1,000 sq feet, so this is going to actually continue improve the indoor air quality. And as you can see, our meter is running about 128,000 – 148,000… and they just recently had a window replaced…

Rollo: Yes

Gerry: Okay. So that let the outdoor air in and they were gone for two weeks on a cruise, so the air really wasn’t moving around as much as it should have been. So that’s why when I come back in about …six months down the road, we’ll do another count and we’ll see where we’re at.

But in general, when you have any type of breathing difficulties like Louis has like allergies, Emphysema, as I said, and Rolly wants to sleep better at night….

Now remember, all your (heaviest concentrations of) volatile particulates are from your waist down, and when you’re sleeping the level of your bed is below the waist (since you have to sit down on your bed to get on it), so in most cases when you’re asleep, you’re breathing air below waist level, and thus you’re breathing the most dangerous concentration of particulates in your home’s air for eight hours.

productoftheyearThe Perfect 16 alone (even without the Health Pro Pluses) scrubs out 97.9% of volatile components that are in your indoor air. So do you know what causes bad indoor air? Basically it is laminates, tile…, laminate gives off formaldehyde. Tile gives off radon, then we have glue from the rugs, and then we have what’s in the Air Handler itself. (Here Gerry talks to Roland and Louis for a bit about the Ultra Violet bacterial growth killer installed in the current HVAC Air Handler system).

An Ultra Violet Bulb is in the Air Handler, and what that does is it destroys the bacterial growth that grows on the inside of your Air Handler so a combination of that product, plus the (two) Perfect 16s and the (two) Health Pro Pluses will reduce the number of volatile components in the house even further.

The Reinholtz’ have been here six years searching for an answer, and low and behold, I spoke to Mr. Reinholtz first, he was so excited, can you tell me a little bit about the conversation that you remember?


“The service rep. installed the IQAir to our existing furnace and then the two reps. vacuumed and cleaned every vent in the house. The two reps. were very neat and clean. You wouldn’t even have known that were there and did the work that they did. The reps. were very pleasant and very professional in their knowledge of installing the IQAir. We have no complaints at all. Well done.”

~ Nancy L. Mills
The Villages, FL 32162

Rollo: After you installed it you mean?

Gerry: No, before we installed it.

Rollo: Well, before you installed it I said that I can’t believe that there could be a solution for what we’ve been changing everything in the house for, for five years… asking neighbors what to do next and never having an answer, and trying to seal our home. Once we installed the (IQAir) systems, the air became clear in here, and I’m looking at readings in this room here that are now at 100,000 and 93,000. [Note: the particle count was up around 128,000 – 148,000 earlier in this video because prior to shooting two movers had come and opened the two front doors to take out a piece of furniture and replace it with another, allowing bad air from outside in – just that fast the Perfect 16 was scrubbing down the indoor air again], compared to a million outside.

Louis: I also had dry eyes and eye allergies, and I was using allergy drops in my eyes regularly and I don’t think I’ve used them once or twice since, only when I come in from being outside.

Gerry: Yes, so I was telling Mr. Reinholtz that one of my clients in Homosassa owned a double-wide mobile home. He had to walk to Walmart to breathe better air, of all places. We contacted the owner of (Back to New Heating & Cooling) and we installed an IQAir and two weeks later he called the Back to New’s owner (again) and said “You guys need to come over here.” So we went over there, did a particle scan, it was perfect – 5,000 or 10,000 whatever, so we said “What’s wrong?” and he said “Oh, everything’s perfect. You’ve made me a prisoner of my own home!” (Rollo and Louis laugh), so you know, and again, the biggest thing is that when these ultra fine particles get in your eyes, your lungs, they spread through your blood, they create havoc on your system.

So if you want to breathe easier, and live longer, buy the IQAir – The Reinholtz’ are living proof! Thank you so much for allowing me to come out and have the opportunity to meet you both. (Shaking hands)

Rollo: Yes, absolutely.

Gerry: Thank you, and have a great day!

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