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Evaluation of IQAir from a Board Certified Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner

From The Desk of Connie Davis, ARNP, BC


Evaluation of the IQAir Filtration System

As a medical professional, I treat many people every day for colds, allergies, sensitivity to second-hand smoke, and various other airborne viruses. We cannot always discern between bacterial or viral sources of illness. Consequently, many time antibiotics are prescribed when an efficient air system in the home or work environment may have prevented the problem in the first place.

I always recommend some sort of air purifying system for my patients, but until three years ago, I was unable to offer any specific type that was superior to other brands. That was until I was introduced to the IQAir purification system in 2011 by Back To New Heating & Cooling.

My husband always smoked a pipe. Although the scent of the tobacco was wonderful, I developed a hacking, cough that got worse whenever I was in the house. We bought several upright purifiers, but their coverage was limited and did not alleviate my symptoms. I researched the IQAir system and found the following information:

IQAir’s HyperHepa filtration system stops the smallest particles in the air down to 0.003 microns, which are the smallest particles in existence. These include pet dander, dust mites, pollen, viruses, and cigarette smoke. I discovered it also filters pipe smoke! IQAir uses nanofiber technology coupled with a design that stops particles 100 times smaller than anything else on the market. Independent tests prove the claims made for the IQAir system.

The cold virus and other airborne pollutants attack our bodies every day. These pollutants stimulate the body’s release of proteins that can initiate inflammatory responses of various types and magnitudes. These proteins, called cytokines, also trigger the production of mucous, swelling, tearing of the eyes, and other cold symptoms.

I was prompted to invest in the IQAir system based on the research available and the fact that IQAir is the exclusive educational partner of the American Lung Association for the air purifier industry. The EPA Certified Technician from Back To New Heating & Cooling came to our home and inspected the air conditioning system prior to installing the IQAir filter. Much to my surprise, he found bacterial growth in the original filter which did not filter particles as efficiently as the IQAir filtration system. Back To New Heating & Cooling installed the system including the ultraviolet lights that kill many of the offending viruses and molds. The technician did a laser particle scan and checked the particle count at each vent in our home and showed me the significant decrease in particle count.

I stopped coughing within three days of using the system. The air is fresher and I notice that spray deodorizers are unnecessary. Another wonderful benefit is the decrease in my electric bill. I am enjoying an approximate 25% decrease in the cost of running my heating and cooling unit.

I recommend the IQAir air filtration system as well as Back To New Heating & Cooling to anyone who is interested in breathing clean air; anyone who has pets, a smoker in the home; anyone who is sensitive to pollen, has allergies, or frequent respiratory issues such as chronic sinusitis, COPD, or asthma. IQAir’s and Back To New Heating & Cooling commitment to protecting lung health coincides with the goal of health care professionals to improve human health and wellness wherever people live.

Best regards,

Connie Davis, ARNP, BC, Family Practice