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Online Live “Baby Jaelyn Gets a New Heart” video.

 The Following are IQAir Purification System Testimonial videos by Rollo and Louis Reinholtz of The Villages, Judy Trudel of Crystal River, Sharon Schactman and Joyce Levow of The Villages in Central Florida

(ABOVE) Followed by a brief introduction by Back to New Heating & Cooling Marketing Directory Sales, a Fireside Chat with Roland and Louis Reinholz of the Villages, Florida about their two Perfect 16s and two Health Pro Pluses to alleviate emphysema and allergy symptoms suffered by Louis Reinholtz.

Sharon Schactman and Joyce Levow of The Villages in Central Florida

Testimonial Judy Trudel – Tampa Bay Pollen and Dust Particles

Judy Trudel of Crystal River Florida


“Baby Jaelyn Gets a New Heart”

From Baby Jaelyn’s Facebook Page post:

“Jaelyn is like any other toddler getting her fingers into everything that is not nailed down and with the steroids she is on it’s like she is in overdrive. To Jaelyn it’s just a normal day to wake up and take her 6 medications and off she goes till evening then another 6 medications. The family is doing fine the new air purification system is doing its job in keeping Jaelyn healthy, so far she has not been sick since the transplant back in February of 2013. The house is beautiful inside and out and we are so thankful for all the support from all the vendors and all the volunteers.

When you sit back and say to yourself how can you ever repay someone who has reached out to help someone they don’t even know, for our family all we can say is thank you.

Thank you;

The Anderson’s”



From the Media Room of / IQAir and Anderson Cooper help protect Jaelyn’s new heart
Friday, March 1, 2013

IQAir and Anderson Cooper help protect Jaelyn’s new heart

Baby Jaelyn will live in one of America’s healthiest homes.

When Anderson Cooper, host of the daytime TV show “Anderson Live,” learned that 6-month-old Jaelyn Anderson needed hospital-quality air to breathe at home following her successful heart transplant, he turned to IQAir, the world leader in medical-grade air filtration.

Thieves broke into the Anderson family car on Valentine’s Day and stole the money Jaelyn’s father was saving to buy an air purifier for their home in Port Richey, Fla. When Cooper heard about it, he knew he had to take action. Cooper had his production team call the IQAir Clean Air Team to help transform Jaelyn’s home into a clean-air sanctuary. Just after the heart transplant was completed, Cooper went on the air live and announced to Jaelyn’s family that a new IQAir Perfect 16 would be installed at no cost to the family. Jaelyn’s mother wept.

In the coming days, IQAir’s Clean Air Team will install a Perfect 16 whole-house air purifier, along with a HealthPro Plus for Jaelyn’s room, that will turn Jaelyn’s house into one of the healthiest homes in America. And to ensure that Jaelyn’s recovery at home continues safely, an IQAir Air Quality Monitoring Station will also go in the Anderson home to provide her parents with continuous monitoring of the air quality in the house.

Once the Perfect 16 is installed, Jaelyn’s family may find comfort in knowing that Jaelyn will be breathing air free from more than 90% of the contaminants in the air, making Jaelyn’s entire house one of the healthiest homes in America.

See how Jaelyn’s parents reacted to the news that they are about to receive one of America’s healthiest homes.


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