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Tube-In-Fin Coil System vs Micro Coil Channel System


THE ELECTRICITY GUZZLER. Inefficient Copper Tube in Fin Coil Unit Now Overshadowed by NuTone Micro-Channel Efficiency System

In most cases, your typical air handler/ condenser coil system has been built utilizing the traditional copper tube -in- fin-coils.

You can see hundreds of failure points where rust and corrosion eat away at the spot-weld areas in the two photos at the bottom of this page.

This system has been utilized for many many years in the HVAC industry. This system has produced over the years high repair issues particularly leaks at the weld points of the tube in fin coils. There are approximately over 300 spot welds on a tube-in fin coil system and over time especially in Florida with the humidity and heat these welds start to break down and this causes leaks that allow your valuable refrigerant to escape and causing you major repairs and to add insult to injury as your HVAC system ages and welds become weaker, your temperature differential (that’s the difference in temperature coming in and going out) is greatly reduced thus making your HVAC highly inefficient. Having said that, you are now making your Electric Provider very happy because the HVAC side of your electric bill will go up about 25%, ouch!

Please realize that average life of an HVAC system in Florida is about 7 years due to the heat, humidity, salt and chemicals in the outdoor air. What is your option if you do not want the traditional tube-in -fin coil system on your next investment in an HVAC system? There is an HVAC manufacturer who offers an alternative to this traditional system. The parent company is called NORDYNE of which NuTone is a subsidiary. Nordyne is the first heating and cooling manufacturer to introduce a heat pump with Micro-Channel coils. By using these coils, NuTone is reducing the number of repairs- helping lessen the strain on contractors during peak cooling seasons.


EASY ON POWER CONSUMPTION, BIG ON HEATING AND COOLING OUTPUT: Ultra Efficient NuTone Pioneered Micro-Channel Coil Design – Sleeker, Smaller, Cleaner, and Far Fewer Points of Failure. NuTone went with the Micro-Coil Channel System in 2011 and had over 3 years of research & development spending millions of dollars to ensure its success – and YOU get to benefit!

The benefits of Micro-Channel Coil design are far reaching:

  • Smaller Condensing Units: units that contain the Micro Channel coils can weigh 6-7 percent less than systems containing traditional coils. The height of some models can also be reduced by up to 4 inches
  • Less Refrigerant: A unit that has Micro-Channel coils uses up to 42% less refrigerant than systems with traditional coils.
  • Durable: The consistent construction of these coils makes them hardier than the traditional copper tube-in fin coils.
  • Better Heat Transfer: Micro-Channel coils can transfer heat better- aiding in reducing the size of the condensing unit and making them more efficient and dependable.

So if you’re contemplating changing out your old traditional tube-in-fin coil HVAC system, you do have an alternative. It’s all about efficiency and dependability in the HVAC industry. http://www.nutonehvac.com/News/NuTone-Air-Conditioning-Units-Now-Come-With-Micro-Channel-Coil-Technology-a/298.html If that’s not enough – below is shown a 7 year old “Old Style” Tube in Fin made by NuTone in 2007 which is NOT the Micro Channel Coil Design pioneered by NuTone for ultra energy efficiency, durability, long life span and low cost maintenance today. Beneath you’ll see what the typical every day now in use everywhere HVAC system can look like in just 7 years – hundreds of points of failure with every spot of corrosion or rust. Take a look:

The Typical Tube in Fin HVAC System After Just Seven Years (Click either image for closeup detail)

Barring another miracle breakthrough in technology any other more efficient HVAC system won’t be happening in our lifetime. NuTone’s system simply blows everything else in home and office heating and cooling technology right out of the water. End of story.


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