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  • Commercial Testimonial Consent and Release

    I hereby irrevocably grant Diversified Enterprises, Inc. dba Back to New Heating and Cooling ("DEI" or "BTN"), its successors, assigns, agents, and licensees (collectively the "Licensees"), the right to use my name, image, and any likeness of me, including but not limited to photographs, recordings, or written statements (collectively "Licensed Material"), in any media and for all advertising, publicity, promotional and other trade purposes, in connection with marketing the products and services of DEI/BTN.

    I understand and agree that:

    • Licensees shall own and control all Licensed Material, and that Licensees may copyright any Licensed Material;
    • I cannot and will not authorize the use of the Licensed material by anyone other than the Licensees;
    • Licensees shall not be required to submit the Licensed Material, nor any use threrof, to me for approval;
    • Licensees shall be free to make any commercial use of the Licensed Material without liability to me for any such use;
    • Licensees shall have no obligation to make any use of any of the Licensed Material;
    • No promise or representation has been made to me, nor has any benefit been given or promised to me, in consideration of my granting this Consent and Release to Licensees;
    • I shall not receive any compensation whatsoever as compensation for the use of the Licensed Material;
    • This Consent and Release does not in any way conflict with any of my existing promises, contracts, or obligations;
    • I am over the age of (18), have read and understand the contents of this Consent and Release, and am agreeing to it voluntarily.

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